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【where can i get a 10000 loan with no credit 】 Elder Kong couldn't stop it, the previous cooperation has become empty talk, without any binding force, and the condition of cooperation in Wan Gu Lou is only to prevent the news of the inheritance from leaking out. 。

"Su Ran's space-type Gu insects don't need to make a fuss," Wang Jianming said in a deep voice, "Besides, if it's really a star shifting Gu, Su Ran has a great chance of escaping Duan Tianyuan. If you hurt someone you care about, bring some people to search in the misty forest."

Su Ran's face changed slightly.

"Stop talking nonsense, if you want to break the light gate, break it quickly, and keep the ink on, and then I will kill the remaining fifteen people and see how you break the light gate!"

The ground suddenly began to shake violently, right under his feet.

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This kind of inheritance, for the sake of safety, Wan Gu Tower will not send people into the inheritance area.
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The road from Beiyuan City to Zhongyu is not so easy.
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Protecting his right hand with Xu Fen's hand, Su Ran quickly cut open the poisonous water frog, and pinched the sulfur salivary Gu precisely.
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The space of the cave is not large, about a thousand square meters, there are no redundant buildings, and everything can be seen at a glance.
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Just meditate in your heart.
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Inference 1, Douhuanpan has been quietly acquired by a certain force, and it is unknown.
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When approaching Li Poisonous Water Frog, another person appeared. It was Lin Henyou. It turned out that Lin Henyou had been quietly following behind.
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Not only Wang Ruhai, but also the Gu Masters of Changkong Family and Lin Family, some people suspected that the Douhuan Pan was obtained by Wang Ruhai and others, making them also in a state of being chased and killed by powerful forces.
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