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【how much did credit unions spend on social media in 2016 】 "President Ye just asked me to go to your Ryukyu Mansion in Dongying to deal with the Guam gang. Now that the matter has been dealt with, it's time for me to leave." Chu Shaoyan smiled and said: "In the past few days , It’s been a pleasure working with everyone, Chu here is very grateful for your support!” Chu Shaoyan stood up and bowed to everyone. 。

"Here, is there no other private room?" Chu Shaoyan asked with some embarrassment.

In Chu Shaoyan's view, it is easy to get drunk when drinking in two situations. One is when they are happy, and the other is when they are troubled. After the duel with Tang Hu last night, Chu Shaoyan, Tang Hu and the other two little bosses, Sun Cheng and Zhou Yunfei drank a lot of wine.

This time, before Mike's action, Captain Ka Suo had issued a death order to ensure Chu Shaoyan's safety no matter what, and obey Chu Shaoyan's arrangement. Mike has seen Chu Shaoyan's skills before, and he doesn't think that these gangsters can kill Chu Shaoyan. As for following Chu Shaoyan's arrangement, Chu Shaoyan has no arrangements for him so far, and his own The decision is to kill Zheng Qingzhu, the president of the Bamboo Association, before the mission is over!

Ye Tianhe didn't seem to see his gaze, but looked at other people, but beside Ye Tianhe, the five old guys looked at Chu Shaoyan fiercely, as if they wanted to see what kind of underwear Chu Shaoyan was wearing inside. , which made Chu Shaoyan very upset.

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"Yes." Mike said with a faint smile: "When I have no tasks, I usually choose marijuana and women to pass the time!"
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Chu Shaoyan couldn't help laughing: "I never thought that I married a high-class European lady without knowing it. Emily, it seems that you are quite famous in your country, right?"
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The investigation of the case in Shanghai Flower World is progressing relatively quickly. After working overnight, the Criminal Investigation Corps locked down several targets. Most of these people fled to the Jiangbei area next door and visited other cities in the province. Soon, the criminal investigation team got in touch with the police in Jiangsu and Zhejiang to arrest these suspects.
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Toyotomi Maaya said: "Kyoko is only sixteen years old, she is the only heir of Kamei Jienan, and has never been married so far. If you want, I can match you up. Kyoko likes you very much. Although she is no longer clean , but the men she has had are only five or six, and they are fairly simple."
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In fact, I... I really like you, until now, every time I close my eyes, the tender and lingering scene between us will emerge involuntarily; so I don't want to hate you, so I have to leave you; goodbye, I hope I Can forget you, please don't look for me...
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From that moment on, Chu Shaoyan secretly swore to himself that if Toyotomi Maaya could continue to live, he would not want Toyotomi Maaya to suffer any more harm in this life.
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The strong smell of blood made Xu Lao's expression turn ugly, and his heart couldn't help beating faster. He seemed to realize something at this time, and he seemed a little overwhelmed for a while!
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When Ye Tianhe saw Chu Shaoyan coming in from the hotel, he hurriedly got up and greeted him: "Mr. Chu, you are finally here. Under the current emergency, Mr. Ye is far away to welcome you! Since my old man who lives in Daobei City introduced After your relevant legendary experience and extraordinary martial arts attainments, I am very much looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible!" There is no one in Harbor City who needs this club boss to stand up to greet you!
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