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【personal loans bad credit guaranteed approval 】 At this time, Hua Zidie stared at him blankly, seeing the changes on his face one by one. Suddenly, she pressed her body against his chest, and whispered in his ear: "Chu Shaoyan, if you want, both of us, mother and daughter, will marry you, okay? Anyway, if we go to a foreign country to register for marriage, who will care?" Huh? Besides, my mother is only in her thirties, and now she looks only in her twenties, and she wears a veil all the year round. Who knows that we will be mother and daughter when I take off the veil? Hehe, when the time comes, my mother and I will be both Your bride can be together forever!" 。

"He is also the best, as good as me! First class!" Shearer raised his thumb again.

Chu Shaoyan smiled helplessly, so he got up to clear the table.

However, a detail provided by Hu Dong caught Chu Shaoyan's attention, that is, Nangong Chengfeng seemed to be very close to Jiang Zhihua and Xu Cen before, especially Xu Cen was probably involved in the Haihuahua tragedy.

"By the way, I want to join the task force for the Shanghai Flower World tragedy." Chu Shaoyan said suddenly.

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This fierce guy jumped off the stretcher while roaring, and came to attack Chu Shaoyan. Although he was injured, five or six policemen couldn't stop him. Zhun he yelled: "Stop! Otherwise, I will deal with assaulting the police!"
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Chu Shaoyan glanced at her helplessly: "It seems that you are not so curious, did you suddenly transform into your little witch sister?"
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To some extent, memory is part of life. A life without memory is incomplete, but for the girl, it may be a kind of luck. After all, the life behind her is too gloomy, and loss may be a kind of gain.
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The key is that there is no medicine in hand at all, and there is no fresh water for cleaning the wound. If she is allowed to have such a high fever, once the wound festers, the mortality rate will be as high as 90%!
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Luo Qingquan suddenly whispered: "Chu Shaoyan, do you know who the proprietress is? The wife of the vice chairman of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference is from Suzhou, and this is her sister..."
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Chu Shaoyan rented a speedboat and drove towards Pushan himself. And when Chu Shaoyan set foot on the land of Pushan, Song Yingjie had already arrived; although Jiangcheng was far enough from Pushan, it was nothing in terms of the cruising speed of the EC120 helicopter at 277 kilometers per hour.
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Mo Beixiong patted his thigh: "Good teeth, good appetite!"
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Chu Shaoyan had no choice but to tell her the location, and then he called the Sakura Medical Club to inquire about Hua Youlan's situation, and learned that Hua Youlan was still undergoing surgery and her life was not out of danger.
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