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Now he consciously follows in. Although the bathroom is covered with non-slip mats, the bathtub is still high. When he returned home, he would have no bed to sleep in. After Qin Mo lay down, he still lay back in his kennel on the floor , silently put the remote control beside the bed, and after lying down, he stubbornly looked at the position on the bed, he would always go back to live. ... when to start mortgage process

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"President Song, I'm sorry." ...

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Meng Yang didn't want to take over his father's crayfish breeding base after graduation, so he just wanted to open a stylish coffee shop;

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Su Nian was lying on the bed, thinking wildly about the first ten children, when Erbao's fatherly voice made him sit up suddenly.

"Is the fetal heart rate normal?"

Watching a car accident scene and being caught;

The new article next door has been updated, everyone go and have a look;

Song Jing's shadow on the treatment bed was almost gone. Qin Mo lay down on it, and applied the cold gel on it. The child's movements were a little obvious at this moment, and he didn't need to move around. He just gently rubbed the little guy in his stomach to relax. It would move around like a small fish. Song Jing leaned forward and looked at Qin Mo's stomach. She could even see the slight movement of her stomach with the naked eye. She subconsciously held her breath, as if she was afraid of scaring him. .

"Blame me, why did I forget to change your slippers after sitting for so long today."

"You said this little guy likes to move so much, will he be very smart in the future?"

This kind of high-profile is nothing more than wanting to step on Qin Mo again. In addition, the news of Qin Mo's arrest by the police created public opinion pressure, and attributed Qin's crimes to Qin Mo alone. Qin Heng turned out to be born at this time. The purpose of appearing as a kind of savior is to regain his position as the Patriarch of the Qin family.

This is not in line with Qin Mo's personality. Although he was already in charge of the Qin family when he met him, he had heard of the vigorous methods he used when he first took charge of the Qin family. Let alone an illegitimate child, it was Qin Mo. Some big-hearted family members in the family can't get a little bit of money under his hands, so why did they leave Huang Yangqing alone as a scourge?

"You still want to quibble!" .

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Seeing how wronged he was, Qin Mo laughed angrily; .

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