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Ke decided to join the war, because he was originally an inner ghost, and now the fugitive slaves in Si Lin want to turn defense into offense, this is simply a godsend opportunity, and by taking this opportunity, Ke can not only pass back Chu Feng's information , Maybe you can still steal the "weapon" in the concubine. ... what is usage credit electricity

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"Of course, I found out later...but before that..." ...

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But of course there is a price. It takes a long time to make up for the exhausted physical strength, but now there is not such a long time, so the physical energy consumption will of course become huge.

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It is the God of Vulcan in the past, the God of Vulcan who is no longer praised by people. The fire of the Suiren has annihilated its power, the behavior of Emperor Yan covered up its sacrifice, and the name of the official of Zhu Rong replaced its existence. The names of Wu Hui and Lu Zhong completely disassembled its deeds, leaving only a few words in the ancient sacrificial script.

But Yan Zai said an unrelated thing.

World Adventures drop limited artifacts, long-handled axes and heavy shields, all of which are left over from eight hundred years ago. The main tribes of Emperor Yan, some of which originated in the western regions during the Fuxi clan, The ancestral land of the Xing Tian clan is nearby.

The people of the tribe gathered in the cities of the cold desolate country, people from the Ran family flocked here, shouting loudly to go to the mountain to sacrifice, the female relatives stood up, led the soldiers of the cold desolate country, and angrily scolded: :

Taotie was already holding a big axe, leading a group of people, driving a group of small boats, relying on the smelly herbal medicine made by Lu Wangdu, and sneaked across the east tidal flat.

What job?

Attack declarations are not allowed for three rounds!

She felt that Yu Zai was a very powerful god, maybe similar to her father, if that was the case, then she would definitely be able to kill that monster.

When you're just getting started - fangs and hawks with original skins and novice weapons.

Then, your ancestor was called Yiqi, so you should be called Iwan. .

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"Happy here, don't think about it." .

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