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Uncle Li's name is Li Shan, and he is a captain of the Longshanzhai inspection team. ...

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Su Ran still stood up.

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A "patrol team" with a unique purpose hovered near their home, and dispersed in a hurry. The team members ran back to their home in three steps and two steps, hugged their wives and children shivering on the bed, and warned the wives and children that if outsiders asked, Let's just say he didn't go out all night.

"Isn't this Xiao Ranzi? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"If I follow the plan of those people and hide in the dark to poach..."

His eyes were instantly bloodshot.

But it didn't help Su Ran much.

"Sure enough!" Su Ran showed a knowing smile, he understood.

Su Ran gasped, the veins burst out on her face, and she couldn't help but let out a muffled sound.

"The Lord of the Five Villages?" Zhang An was slightly startled. He thought it was a trivial matter of seeking wealth and killing his life, but he didn't expect to involve a village owner...

Three people entered the house.

"No, no, don't kill me, I will tell you a secret, a secret that is at stake with your life..." .

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Su Ran approached Han Sheng step by step. .

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