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The wizard of the Diyou clan was very stubborn, no matter how much he asked them about the arrangement of the clan, he refused to say anything.

In short, the resurrection of the Golden Crow should not be strong. Although the sun that appeared a few days ago was "strengthened" for a short period of time in Dayi's perception, it seemed a bit strange, but later, the "strengthened" power disappear without a trace.

"Who told you to drive the cattle pen!"

"I kept my promise! During the handover, I don't give sick cows! But, don't care about the future!"

Dayi responded in this way.

However, one of the most effective ways to deal with these large-scale insects is to control them with insects.

Strong wind, heavy rain, thunder.

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But the bronze spear pierced through, although the momentum was huge, Chisongzi grabbed it easily.

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