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【how do you find out how much student loan interest 】 This book, Su Ran thought it might be useful, put it in Fang Tian's bag. 。

After stabilizing his emotions, Su Ran probably guessed the other party's intention.

There is a high probability that Beigong Qingshan will let you, the fifteen princes, guard a piece of land, and each prince will be accompanied by a priest. After the Gu essence is produced, if there is no accident, the Gu essence will be sent to the first life. hands.

A piercing sound roared.

We should go there as soon as possible, the longer the time, the weaker Su Ran will be, but his insect skills may also recover. If Su Ran dies naturally, the Bone Tomb will pick up the corpse directly, and it will not be our turn! "

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Su Ran, there is a high probability that something happened...
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Su Ran couldn't help with Qu Jinghong's matter.
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"I see!" Niu Ran suddenly said: "It seems that the news of Zhongyuzhou's collapse has been spread, and there are others who have taken a fancy to Zhongyuzhou as a sweet pastry. The speed of the other party should be slower than us, but the strength may They are stronger than us, so that we must make a quick decision and leave as soon as possible before the other group of people reach Central Region Continent."
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It seems that Su Ran has no intention of running away...
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"Dead." Su Ran replied lightly.
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"Welfare?" Su Ran was surprised.
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After confirming that Su Ran was the 'magic envoy', Yue Nuer completely let go of herself and never regarded herself as an outsider.
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Su Ran stared solemnly at the frightening Gu in Chang Qingzi's hand.
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