loan with no payment due for 45 days with low interest rate
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【low-interest government loan 】 A group of disciples kneeling outside the main hall saw Mo Lingxiao walking out with Su Nian anxiously in his arms, and stretched their necks involuntarily and whispered. 。

Now that they have received a joint appeal from the people of Jinling City, they are obliged to help them get rid of this evil spirit.

"Yes, yes, if I can marry such a man in this life, I will die without regret."

What is such a meaningful thing to yourself?

It's true that people are more dead than others, and goods are thrown away when they compare goods. The law of heaven is unfair!

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When Su Nian returned to Yunque Palace, it was already night, and the mountains were more exposed and the cold wind was howling. The bone-piercing cold air penetrated directly into Su Nian's bones. He rubbed his red nose and touched his bulging chest. Luggage, Su Nian frowned, and ran towards the gate of Yunque palace.
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With Leng Aotian's departure, the half-day red light covering the entire Yunque Palace gradually dimmed. Outside the Qingxin Hall, almost all the disciples of Yunque Palace gathered. In front of Su Nian's bed, Mo Lingxiao stood in front of Mo Yun. In front of Feng.
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Around the dark hall, densely packed black resentful spirits gathered at some point, and hundreds of thousands of green eyes were staring at him at this moment.
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"Shaoyan, although Abao's body is almost recovered. But you let him take the medicine I prescribed for him on time." Liu Yong thought of something and said: "Although his physical fitness is very good, it is not as good as yours." It’s a lot worse. Take good care of your body so that you won’t be left with any diseases when you get old.”
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But it's not right, Mo Yunfeng is the owner of Yunque Palace, how could he be in Kunlun.
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Although Mr. Kunlun does not follow rules and regulations, and it is difficult for others to understand what he does. He is an old urchin who is addicted to alcohol and spends most of the time in a state of drunkenness, but his cultivation is profound, and he is the immortal of Kunlun. He will definitely help Ling Xiao regain his immortality root, crossing the catastrophe and ascending.
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After each word, Mo Yunfeng spoke forcefully, and as his words fell, the surrounding air suddenly dropped to freezing point.
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Su Nian's legs were weak, and he was panting heavily, thinking in his heart that all the ghosts in hell would look like this!
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