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The disappearance of the spirit mask, Qingkong, shadow armor, heaven and earth crouching demon seal, heaven and earth seal, etc., made Su Ran more aware of the deep meaning of "void body" defined by the previous cultivation base. ... home depot interest free payments

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Murderous aura, domineering aura, evil aura, three auras soaring to the sky! .

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"What should we do, are we going to abandon the middle domain and leave? The other party has a rank three Gu Immortal, we can't beat it no matter what..." ...

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But obviously, the consciousness of Chu Jingxian and others is no longer his own consciousness.

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The head of the Lin family's eyes were blazing, and complex expressions such as greed, hatred, bloodthirsty, etc. flashed in his eyes.

In the Xiaogushan area, blood flowed like a river.

Lao Ji used the bone-attached fire Gu, and Yue Nu'er became a fire person. She looked fine on the outside, but her body was completely burned.

These Gu controllers have been hiding deep underground!

It's just that the healing Gu in the entire middle domain can't raise the hundredth ray of indestructible power. In terms of scarcity, healing Gu is much rarer than poisonous Gu.

After seeing the lettering clearly, Su Ran smiled wryly: "Everyone has come in, but there is still a difficulty?"

Of course it is.

In addition to various fruits and red rocks, the temperature in the entire fog-free corrosion zone is also very high.

Su Ran felt that such an important Vipassana Sutra was created by the lineage of the God Gu Dao, it was unbelievable and unreal.

Not destroying the domain, it is still the same as before. .

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Su Ran flew up quickly. .

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