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【arbor small loan program 】 The following scenes passed by, the Illusory Immortal Gu was constantly downgraded and transformed into a chrysalis, and was constantly changing new masters. Many years later, Su Ran appeared in the evolution screen of the Tianji Calculation Gu, becoming the last master of the Illusory Immortal Gu. 。

Su Ran chuckled: "It's superfluous to say these things. I know exactly what Yu Fei has in mind. You don't really believe that Yu Fei can carry the banner of King Yu Yi again. What a joke, you underestimate the other five king.

In Bulaoshan, the ancestral court of Xiangong and the ancestral court of Xianchao are real rivals, and there are often conflicts and fights between them.

Wind Wing is an ability possessed by the Heaven-Treading Wind Gu. This ability is the same as the Thunder Clone and Thunder God Spear of Bi Zhu Lei Gu.

Everyone returned to the palace of the king's envoy.

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This time, what Xia Houjin took out was fifteen parts of Gu essence.
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Afterwards, the weak water body swam to the place where the three Yuandi dragon Gu gathered.
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She didn't quite understand Emperor Yuyi's words.
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Su Ran stopped in the battlefield and grabbed the Wind Domain Gu left by King Yu Yi.
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For him now, Mount Blessing is not necessarily his final place to save his life.
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Su Ran was also quite nervous. Although the Yuandi Dragon Gu couldn't kill him, he didn't want to fight with the Yuandi Dragon Gu. Although this place is far away from the surface, there is still a high chance of attracting demon envoys and saints.
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Once he breaks through to rank nine and raises the seventh moon body, Su Ran will have more choices.
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Immortal Gu's transfer of the essence of Gu and Yanming Flame Gu in Jiuyue's Forbidden Void in this way will not cause spatial fluctuations, nor can it be seen.
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