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【apply for online loan with bad credit 】 "Hey, you're the only one who can talk!" 。

He looked at this figure, it gradually coincided with someone in his memory!

Danzhu stared at her concubine suddenly, then sneered.

Yan Zai knocked on the totem pole, then looked at the buffalo hide below: "This is the medium of curse..."

In the season when heavy rain spreads, it not only causes river floods, but also causes large lakes such as Yunmengze and Dongting Lake to gush out, and at the same time, mountain torrents and mudslides erupt. Gonggong's dams are built to store water, and the original dams exceed their bearing capacity. , broken, can also lead to larger flood peaks...

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The junction of the Central Plains and Dongyi, Shouqiu.
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"Wars are not won by relying on mental chaos."
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Dayi and Yan Zai spoke almost at the same time, saying in unison: "Xia Zhi!"
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Dams can’t be repaired indiscriminately. One mistake is a big flood. The destruction of the dam and the flooding of the city are trivial matters. This time, the Jili Kingdom is calling for the wind and rain in the South China Sea, and at the same time building dams and repairing the water. There is no shortage of rainwater in the Southwest Wilderness, right? !
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Uncle Xi waved his hands again and again: "No way, no way! My status is far inferior to that of the Siyue clan! Dayi, if you have some skills, you can talk about the Four Desolate Kings. If they agree, then this matter will be done." gone."
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Then you will never know, the wheel is like this, and the Xuanyuan car is also like this. After the death of the Yellow Emperor, no one can restore it. I finally learned a little technology from the Xue tribe. According to my understanding, I made a car that is almost equivalent to Xuanyuan. Cars, but compared with Akakata's small carts...
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Although Danzhu was very dissatisfied, he finally affirmed Yanzai's recruiting and uniting the people this time!
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For bugs, chickens (heavy fog)... oh no, birds, birds are far more sensitive to bugs than humans.
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