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test. how improve credit score Guan Shu forced these guests to stay, only for this purpose, he wanted them to witness the most absurd engagement in history. ….

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Yan Zhixing witnessed the butt of the gun fall again, and this time he turned around in time to avoid it. He waited for the opportunity to move, and when Guan Shu was restless because of his anger, he calmly twisted his arm. .

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"You don't need to like me, you can also have the idea of abandoning me at any time, you can also hate me." The documents prepared by Xu Yibai turned into threats in the end, "Yaoyao, you will not run away, and you will not leave me. I wouldn't do these things to you."

His memory of the susceptible period was vague, and when he woke up, he only saw a vast expanse of whiteness, with light spots slowly gathering, and various smash marks on the white wall.

Shen Yao unconsciously grabbed the hem of Xu Yibai's clothes, he didn't intend to resist at all, and took the initiative to stick his lips to it.

The force biting on his arm seemed to loosen a little at last. Xu Yibai saw the piano under the canopy in the garden. He had no sugar in his pocket and didn't know how to coax the child. He subconsciously said, "Then let me play the piano for you?" .

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Shen Yao lived in a ten-storey building, but Xu Yibai still leaned out from the window. He looked up, down, left, and right, and he returned to the house only after he was sure he couldn't hide anyone. .

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