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test. 36 month free interest tv in best buy "That's right, it's a blessing to save one's life," Wang Ruhai said with a smile, "but I don't know about the bucket wheel. Even if Patriarch Heikui got the bucket wheel, he still carries it with him. Ancestor Suni carried it with him, probably because the Reverse Blood Phoenix Gu has been dormant for too long and has not yet recovered." ….

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Seventeen kinds of Gu poison are hard to guard against. .

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Su Ran was the least affected by the corrosion, which was equivalent to a home game, and that's how it ended. ...

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There was always food in Su Ran's bag, but now it has been completely corroded.

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It seems that with a God's perspective, not only can you choose the passage freely, but you can also see the situation on the other side of the passage in advance.

Illusory Immortal Gu is not invincible, if it passes through a highly poisonous environment, it may not be able to return immediately.

Su Ran let out a loud roar, and punched at the Controlling Gu.

Everyone knew that Su Ran had a space-type Gu worm that could travel through. Although the travel distance was limited, within a few strokes, Su Ran could not be lost in seconds.

casual cultivator of the seventh rank, Su Ran can beat it no matter what.

Gu control people, death can not be destroyed.

Chang Kongli: "There are three doors of opportunity in the inheritance site, one was explored by Ouyang Qi, the other was explored by the three families, and the last one disappeared immediately.

The fifth-rank Gu master who entered began to clean up the Gu beasts on the spot.

Su Ran appeared directly behind the man-controlling Gu.

A scent came from the right hand, and the surface of Su Ran's right hand was immediately cooked... .

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A change in cultivation is always a good thing. .

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