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"Freshmen, we are leaving soon, but before we leave, I still have one last word to tell you."

There are more than twenty people, most of them are women, and the leader of them, with beautiful crescent eyebrows, no makeup, and clear water lotus, comes here in style. It is Yi Qingyi, one of the four freshmen in Yanxia Dongtian this year!

Wu Hongda pretended to be hesitant, took a few puffs of cigarettes and said, "Xiao Luo, there is something I want you to come out to. Maybe you will be wronged in a short time. But I promise here: not only will you restore your position afterwards, And at least promote you to be the deputy detachment captain!"

"Sister," The little witch suddenly wanted to cry.

In just one breath, Xia Gan had already appeared behind Fang Lingyu and Bu Canyang!

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