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【tax form business loan interest 】 "Carry, wear it, and at the same time, carry these people from the past, they stand in the distant past, push you to the land of the future with countless hands, and you don't have to feel sad for their passing away , because you are still alive, then they will live forever in history." 。

What Yu Zai said is divided, naturally I want to mine and own several coal mines, that is to say, if I excavate this place, then it will belong to me, but the other deposits in Datou will belong to you, and I will help you find them. Win-win cooperation.

It's just because capable people can lead the tribe and live a better life.

Danzhu was taken aback for a moment: "What genius...oh, you mean talent? I've always been a talent, but my old... fellow villagers look down on me."

Chi Tang shuddered and said no more. There were indeed many doubts about Di Zhi's death.

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"There is 'Heavenly Law' in it, and when I merge with these real gods of the great emperor, I can sense the supreme realm in the wind."
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Dayi almost coughed out at this moment, and he said after a while, "You're at a loss, really."
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Yijun held the scissors and asked Xiang about his request. After the other party finished speaking, he realized that Xiang was talking about the story of Gong Gong's anger against Bu Zhoushan.
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"A child from the Central Plains?"
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Dihong is Yan Long's eldest brother, but this does not mean that the relationship between the two is good, on the contrary, they are incompatible.
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Just as Chi Du was saying that, suddenly a crossbow arrow flew over and brushed past him, and with a scream, the animal skin and wooden shield of a majestic warrior was directly smashed, piercing through his abdomen, and directly Wipe it out!
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The human race is very tired. They live for the people of the past, and they also struggle endlessly for the children of the future to live better.
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Yan Zai's eyes lit up: "Can you manipulate air pressure?"
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