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"Karma!" There was a piercing cry, as if someone was scratching the blackboard with their fingernails, and the listeners were extremely irritated. At the same time, the dark clouds broke, and a pitch-black vulture with a width of tens of meters descended from the sky, hovering above the Cold Iron Dragon City, making that weird cry non-stop, and many people began to vomit blood on the spot... ... personal military loans no credit check

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Jing Ying raised her pretty face slightly, her cheeks were flushed, her breathing was short of excitement, and she suddenly laughed: "Are you still a virgin?" .

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Among them, three missed calls belonged to Cheng Shu, Chen Qi accounted for thirteen, and there were several unknown calls and a missed call from his mother. ...

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This guy must be playing a monster!

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However, no matter how Jiang Li asked, little Lolita just didn't say her name.

"I'm afraid God should die, right?" This was the thought that flashed through Mao Buping and Laohua's mind at the same time.


"Kill!" There was a man with cat ears standing on the crocodile's back. Following his command, countless demons rushed in from the gap opened by the crocodile!

Jiang Li stood on the side, and asked concerned: "Student, are you having fun? You see, before you were so picky, the teacher wasn't angry and even played football with you, how is the teacher?"

When Jiang Ting, Li Gen and the man who bought the house heard this, their heads were buzzing. They just felt that the education they had received for so many years had been thrown on the ground, and they kept stepping on and rubbing with their feet... …

As soon as these words came out, Old Master Qin frowned, glanced at Jiang Li, and asked, "Did he give you confidence?"

At this moment, a white light shot out, and a spear was pointed at Jiang Li's temple, directly knocking Jiang Li away.

The figure spat out a mouthful of blood...

As a result, Jiang Li ran away with only his back... .

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"Turn over, slap your face, rich woman!" Li Gen muttered. .

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