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At this time, Constantine's subordinates came to their senses one after another, yelling and yelling, raising their guns and rushing to shoot down the cliff... ... public interest definition free dictionary

test. loan online no requirements "Arrangements for the event?" The active little witch smiled and said, "Brother Shaoyan, let's go out to sea by boat tomorrow. Our cruise ship hasn't started in half a year!" ….

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Chu Shaoyan had already hugged her off, then tore off another rucksack and threw it to the side of the road, then got into the car to set the automatic navigation system, started the car, and then jumped out of the car. .

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"Not bad!" Hua Yuxuan petted her cousin's head on tiptoe, and said with a smile: "When the time comes, you can just bring a mouth. You don't need to be polite, you know? Your I still have to save the money to marry my wife! Hee hee, my cousin has a lot of bonuses this year, she can be considered a little rich woman!" ...

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As soon as he disappeared into the void, the cabin door was kicked open, and then the flamethrower spit out evil flames, turning the entire space into a hell furnace, and even the flames burst out of the void, and Chu Shaoyan, who had just gained a foothold, had to step aside in a hurry .

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As for the pair of eyeballs, if no one points them out directly, I believe it is impossible for anyone to recognize that they are actually a pair of human eyes!

Jinghua's jade face twisted slightly, she raised her head to stare at him and asked in a trembling voice: "Chu Shaoyan, in your mind, is this the person I am?"

This smile offended a person, a person who had suffered a lot from this smile. Constantine pulled the bolt and roared: "Bastard, if you dare to laugh again, you will die!"

What kind of hacking? When necessary, stabbing friends twice is the truth!

"Chu Shaoyan, what exactly do you want? Now there are twelve people with unknown relationship with you, Jinling Twelve Beauties, is that what you want? I'm sorry, I'm neither sister Xue nor sister Lin!"

Zhanbigao grabbed his wrist in horror and pushed it back violently. Although this guy was a fearless general of the Hong Lianshe in the past, the tragic image of the two burned guys just now made his heart palpitate.

As soon as the gunfire stopped, Takeuchi Koji and Dugu Linfeng quickly grabbed Constantine's arm and snatched the gun away.


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Nangong Chengfeng has not been able to inherit the family property now, and the family's real estate is still controlled by his father Nangong Minghao and uncle Nangong Mingdao. It is absolutely impossible for him to mobilize more than ten million dollars of funds. In other words, there is an alliance between Nangong Chengfeng and Dugu Linfeng... .

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