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A Xuanxian stopped Immortal King Yu Ding's footsteps, with deep suspicion in his eyes: "You said clearly before that this time you must hunt and kill a giant in the restricted area, and use it as a meritorious deed, and exchange it with Xianting for the fairy liquid that transforms Xianzhou ..." ...

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Especially when they thought that in less than ten days, the giants in the restricted area would invade the Immortal Universe. Even if they were Immortal Kings, they were in a state of confusion for a while, and it was difficult to figure out a clue.

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The Taishi altar shook violently, but quickly calmed down again, as if nothing had happened.

"After all, it's just a bold attempt. How can I guarantee whether it will work or not?" An Ran shook her head amusedly, but her tone was quite relaxed, "But next, we may be able to tell from the change in Godmother's attitude. Any clues?"

Then he noticed that he had unknowingly (broke out in a cold sweat!

It was only later that the strange coffin was summoned to leave, and he was finally freed from fear.

The scholar boy stepped into the void and disappeared in a blink of an eye: "You still have a chance to regret it now, but if I see you again next time..."

The majesty of the Immortal King cannot be violated!

There are indeed many unsolved mysteries on this three-inch body. As the ancestor of the immortal way, it is really not easy to use it to bluff people when you are not doing it!

At this time, it is good to take care of yourself, how can you spare no effort to help others?

An Ran nodded lightly, and the smile on the face under the coir raincoat and bamboo hat did not diminish at all: "As long as you are willing to sacrifice yourself to make a contribution, and reincarnated into the reincarnation of my Immortal Universe, then you will naturally be a part of the Immortal Universe."

"At the time when someone sneaked up on Gu Ming during the tribulation, I always thought it was a coincidence. Looking at it now, maybe the chaotic battle at that time...was a self-directed and self-acted hoax!" .

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—— Judging from the previous performance, An Ran believes that he will be able to do it. .

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