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Su Ran also followed.

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Reading the book, the door suddenly opened automatically.

Li Jingfei is confident that once he tells the actual situation of Mingshan Wudao, Su Ran will definitely take the bait and participate in the rescue. Mingshan Wudao has a great opportunity, and it’s okay to tell Su Ran about the opportunity. Once the three elders are rescued , It is not easy to win a Su Ran.

"This is…?"

The fighting in the village soon ended.

Guan Xiang dispatched several Gu insects to investigate the traces on the scene.

The entire third floor is very large, and it can accommodate more than a hundred people without any problem.

Meat: four sources of gold (five).

He thought a lot.

Sure enough, a voice appeared in Su Ran's ear: "Your name is Su Ran, right? I want your first-grade rare face Gu, but I don't have the muscle, tendon and double-arm Gu you want."

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