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【professional loan mortgage 】 "Why?" Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly. 。

"Mr. Chu?" Toyotomi Masano's special voice came from the receiver, the performance of a mature businessman in the business world.

So Chu Shaoyan turned the screen back again and watched the croupier's shuffling action again. In order to be able to see the croupier's movement of shuffling the cards clearly, Chu Shaoyan specially asked Tang Hu to slow down the movement.

"Have you arrived at the airport, Shaoyan?" Ye Tianhe's familiar voice came out after the call was connected.

Seeing Abao's expression of disbelief, Chu Shaoyan didn't say anything. Sometimes even he himself wondered why Ye Tianhe, the president of the Sanlian, valued him so much.

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At the entrance of the ward, Abao and the bodyguards of the Toyotomi family were guarding there. Due to Toyotomi Maaya's special status, this floor was sealed off. Seeing Chu Shaoyan coming out, Ah Bao immediately went up to meet him.
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Zidie smiled shyly, and then said with her mouth turned up: "Nonsense. Who is jealous? I told you, I just jumped into the water to cool off because I was hot. I didn't expect to meet a big fish. Was stunned."
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Chu Shaoyan is dead, please enter Shangguan Manor, and ask Wu Tianhao in surprise: "Why didn't you see brother Li Yiqian?"
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This is a powerful chemical explosive with enormous power. If it explodes, the consequences will be unimaginable. Of course, dealing with such a small case is absolutely easy for an expert among weapon experts like Chu Shaoyan. In less than three minutes, the explosives were separated from Hao Shengwen's body, and then the alarm clock, some wires and controllers were removed from Hao Shengwen's body.
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Lin Fei was shocked right now, he rolled aside before he even had time to warn everyone!
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I can only walk on the road of phantom night, even if the surrounding is as bright as day, it is only an illusion; even if every night I spend with you is a phantom night, I am willing to turn into a shadow for you until death!
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Chu Shaoyan's body shook suddenly, he looked at Bai Feiyan, his mouth almost couldn't close for an instant.
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Hearing the footsteps of Abao and others, he recovered from his thoughts, glanced at Abao and said, "Abao, ask someone to clean up this place, we are going back!"
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