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If you deliberately indicate that you are from Outland, and you only arrived yesterday in Ten Thousand Gu City, Outland Gu Masters, the quality of Gu insects is naturally inferior to Central Domain Gu Masters, and taking part in the gambling Gu battle on the second day after arriving shows that he is arrogant and ignorant , and didn't pay attention to the fourth-rank Gu masters in the central region. ... small business loan central

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small loan of a million dollars joke - small loan 17 million .Although the first test failed, Wang Ru was sure to pass after two more attempts. |.

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Elder Kong also immediately sent a message to Wang Gouyan and Yang Miaochan who were going to Changlin City, telling them that the battle wheel was at the boundary of Chushan City and that they would not come to Changlin City anymore. .

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At the same time, the Illusory Immortal Gu also displayed the hidden wing insect skill that it had comprehended when it was promoted.

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The bright fire mirror hanging on the city gate is a standard equipment for the big cities in the central region.


According to Su Ran's estimation, it would take at least ten days for the three groups of people to stare at each other.

Feng Baiqing is a seventh-rank Gu Zi in Fubo Mansion, and the social circle of Gu Zi is basically Gu Zi. The Huo Rong that Feng Baiqing found is naturally also a Gu Zi, and Su Ran is also a person who can win the seventh rank. Even though there might be an eighth-rank Gu Master, the two of them didn't dare to block the way at will.

"No, he is asking for help, take him down immediately!"

Returning to Kuifangtang, Su Ran took the opportunity to observe the situation of the two Wumen Lianxing places.

Every group of Gu beasts is a matter of sweeping the fallen leaves with the autumn wind.

He originally planned to leave after grabbing the ninth-grade mythical Gu, but decided to explore the inheritance of the poison system on the spur of the moment.

Brain tingle!

Two tokens, one book, and one Gu box. .

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The value of the fifth-rank legendary Gu is even greater, equivalent to two fourth-rank spiritual Gu, plus the value of the legendary Gu. .

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