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Soon there was news that Wu Neng committed suicide, so he would tell what he had done before he died. ...

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There was nothing he could do if the person ran away, his stomach was simmering with fire.

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"This is the top bank card in the world."

"This auction seems to be a little different from what they have held in the past. It used to be an invitation letter system, but this time it has been directly changed to a capital verification system. It requires a card balance of more than eight digits to enter."

"Sir, my surname is Bai, and my name is Jie." The bunny girl explained.

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"Is this the reason given by your school?" Ling Heng asked, his expression gradually calmed down.

When those shareholders heard the words, they shook their heads quickly: "No, no."

"It seems that he wants to attend Fang Yue's funeral."

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