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【southcarolina student loan 】 "We are the main one?" Chu Shaoyan asked. 。

An Linshan's words are full of domineering, he is not as worried as Chu Shaoyan now, he even has a little impulse to teach Ye Jinlong a little bit, of course the origin of the impulse is for his brother and comrade-in-arms Chu Shaoyan.

"Sorry." Chu Shaoyan glanced at Shi Pinghu apologetically, then picked up his phone and walked to the bedroom next to the hall.

Liu Huiyun pondered for a while and said: "'Goldfinger' was a guest at my house before, he... looks...should be a university professor, he is quite famous in the circle, he seems to be called Wu Chao..."

After the two of them had a storm, Guan Nuoxue curled up like a kitten and lay powerlessly on Chu Shaoyan's body; at this moment, listening to Chu Shaoyan's strong heartbeat, Guan Nuoxue couldn't help herself , as she said Chu Shaoyan is like a poison that will make her addicted.

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Wang Qiang was overjoyed to hear that, although Zhao Dahua, the propaganda minister of Jiangcheng, wholeheartedly relied on him, this piece of grass has been up for sale. Such a person is really unreliable. Coming to Jiangcheng, the gains outweigh the losses.
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Tang Hu gently opened the window, and said two words coldly: "Open the door!"
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"Also, call the Ryukyu Mansion Pier." Chu Shaoyan said: "Besides, this matter must be kept secret, and you should know the consequences of spreading it out." Before Shi Pinghu could reply, Chu Shaoyan hung up Cut off the phone.
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Chu Shaoyan sneered and said: "But you also said just now that you and Ye Jinlong have a feud between you and Ye Jinlong! What is a feud against you? That is either you die or I live hatred! You said you because The reason for Ye Tianhe is that you gave up the idea of killing Ye Jinlong! This point can be explained if it is reasonable. But do you still remember that when you didn’t tell me about this matter before, you called Ye Jinlong directly as-Jin Long. Imagine a guy who has a deep hatred with you. You can call him Jinlong affectionately. You directly call the enemy a nickname like "Jinlong" instead of his full name. Is it abnormal to call him like this at this time? Woolen cloth?"
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Whenever the candle dripped on Chu Shaoyan's body, Chu Shaoyan's body would always tremble slightly. The burning and numb feeling mixed together gradually recovered some of the evil thoughts he had eliminated, but it was the same as before. The difference is that Chu Shaoyan has regained his sanity at this time!
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Should I get an apology, or this kind of courtesy? Or both, the tacit understanding among the men.
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"I'm sorry, the phone you dialed has been turned off." The voice of the voice lady accurately reached Toyotomi Maaya's ears.
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Tang Wanruo was so ashamed at this time, even her pale neck and earlobes turned red: "No, I'm talking about the kind of tissues that women must use every month... there's one in the supermarket downstairs... woo—"
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