what is the best credit card with rewards
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【what is credit access line 】 "The Tianzhu chess piece..." The two black-robed men silenced their voices, daring not to speak any more. 。

No, it's not disappearing!

In other words, Su Ran has doubled his combat power.

It's just that once it becomes a top-ranking force, Wangulou will no longer be able to hide behind the beautiful city like it is now, but will also become the main force against the Savage Realm and the Moon Realm, so in order to seek stable development, Wangu Tower has been suppressing the nine For the number of Gu masters, only when the previous ninth-rank patriarch falls, the next one will break through and take over the Gu worm inheritance of the deceased ninth-rank patriarch.

A living Immortal Gu, inside Qishengqin?

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In the inheritance ground, a fight is indispensable.
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Of the seven human-controlling Gus, only the two rank-8 Gus that he grabbed first were alive, and the others were all dead Gus.
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Elder Xi, who was on the flat ground ten thousand meters below Duantianyuan, also heard the news that Qu Jinghong had arrived, and Elder Xi shook his head: "It's a pity, if I can come two days later, I can make more money."
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Two days later, Liu Sheng successfully won the bid for the first-grade Ring Fragrance Gu at the sales conference, and gave it to Su Ran.
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to be honest.
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Isn't it taken from the inheritance of Dou Zhuan Confucianism?
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It's a little strange that after the two families entered the Kwai Fang Pond, they immediately began to use the first-grade spiritual Gu to break open the Kwai Fang Pond, and six Gu masters entered the passage opened by the first-grade spiritual Gu.
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As for playing a complete piece of music, whether the attack will be stronger, Su Ran doesn't know yet.
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