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The eyes of the middle-aged Taoist fell on An Ran again, still maintaining a respectful attitude, he asked cautiously: "This is..." ...

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But at this time, the kings had already left, and the old Taoist took advantage of this to make a timely move!

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Then, that naive image appeared in my mind again.

"It's not that you can't agree to your request." Thinking of this, Elder Lingbao nodded slightly, "Tell me, what kind of magic weapon do you need me to create, or do you need to refine an immortal weapon?"

As An Ran said, before the Taiyan clan was destroyed, he was just an ordinary clansman.

He wants to be a good guy too!

The congenital gods and demons are shackles by their own Dao, while she is shackles by the White Emperor.

"It's right...all of them are right..." Mr. Jue gasped, his heart was shocked beyond bounds.

The flame stars from the seven-headed phoenix almost splashed on their faces.

And this star map is not an entity, it only exists in his mind.

I saw the mini Baidi stretch out a small hand, put his index finger and thumb together, and gently stroked in the void.

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