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【how to get a small mortgage loan 】 What's more, he has a pair of incomparably dexterous hands, equipped with Taiqing Kung Fu, these hands can create a simple but not crude trap within three minutes, and the lethality is quite strong. 。

"No!" Ye Ruoxi stuck out her tongue and said, "Uncle Hai, he came here to accompany me to play here in Nanxiong, we can't let him slip away."

"Mike, Yongzi, you all hide behind, you are not allowed to come out without my order!" Chu Shaoyan frowned and made a crazy decision.

The big man was inexplicable and full of suspicion, the team leader had already circled behind him and kicked him hard on the crook of the leg. This guy suddenly jumped forward, and the two commandos in front had been waiting for a long time, and they shot like lightning. One of them grabbed a thick arm of his and twisted it quickly. Amidst his screams, quickly He was tied up like a big white pig.

Because Ye Jinlong was in the car, those guys were afraid to shoot Ye Jinlong, so they didn't dare to shoot. Seeing Starscream rushing over in a car, they all yelled and hid aside.

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Tang Hu seemed to have already guessed that Chu Shaoyan would dodge, and the second knife was swung out in an instant before the first knife was completed. Compared with the first knife, the second knife was a little more weird, like a slash or a stab.
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Just last night, the president Ye Tianhe personally asked Ye Jinlong to go over there to take charge of the overall situation and stabilize the power of the Sanlian branch of Dongying Ryukyu Mansion, and now Chu Shaoyan is letting Chu Shaoyan handle it. Although this is not a good thing to receive an award, it is also a status symbol to deal with such an important matter. After all, this kind of thing can only be done by Ye Tianhe's approval, and the backbone personnel with outstanding abilities can take on this important task.
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This is something that Ka Suo, nicknamed the God of Death, never thought of! When Ka Suo fell into Chu Shaoyan's hands, he was convinced of the defeat without any complaints. Because at that time, he believed that in this world, in terms of the military skills of individual combat, there is almost no one who can compare with Chu Shaoyan!
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The little witch raised her head, without any sign of shyness, instead she asked Zidie for confirmation: "Zidie, do you think so?"
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"Before you become good citizens, you must do one evil thing. Jin Shangbang, find some reliable people, and I will let the people from the Justice Bureau arrange it." So so, so so...
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Although Mike and the others were curious about how Chu Shaoyan did all this, they didn't ask.
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"Lu Zhen, you should understand very well that Hong Lianhui, 'Royal No. 2', and the Tong family are about to completely collapse and fall apart. Are you still determined to repent and go all the way to the dark side?" Chu Shaoyan sternly said.
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The next day, the president of Kamei Trading Co., Ltd. Kamei Jienan met Chu Shaoyan, but the result of the meeting made Chu Shaoyan quite unhappy. Unexpectedly, the cooperation conditions proposed by the Kamei Trading Company in Dongying Capital were quite harsh, which was absolutely unacceptable to Chu Shaoyan. However, in terms of foreign mergers and acquisitions, Kamei Trading Co., Ltd. has a natural advantage. Whether it is resources, experience, or connections, many companies in Huaxia Jiangdong are still lacking.
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