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Ling Xiaohe King Fang Lingyu also came over, laughing loudly, with endless viciousness and resentment in his eyes! ... what are current mortgage refinance rates

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"Sad person..." Xia Gan shook his head: "I don't want to talk nonsense with you, if you want to do it, be prepared to die, and I will not show any mercy in the future!" .

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"Kill! No one left!" ...

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"Huazheng, do you think that Xia Gan, who entered the Baihuayuan Shuixiegetai this time, will be fully admitted by our Goddess League and become a part of us?"

"What should we do now? Those of us who have obtained the elixirs dare not go to the exit passage at all, otherwise Dongtiannan will definitely snatch all the elixirs!"

These words were very shameless, except for Jin Shangbang and Hua Youlan who had been silent all the time, the faces of the other three gang leaders suddenly changed.

Chu Xingchen quickly issued a hunting order to Xia Gan!

"It turned out to be the two of them!" .

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