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Su Ran finally understood the meaning of Zi Yi's words. ... rocket mortgage faqs

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"However, you don't have to worry, Juyue uses strange medicine to increase her strength. This time, this Jueyue killed five first-rank Gu masters, which means that he wants to use the blood and fire of first-rank Gu masters to make strange medicine, which means that his strength is not enough. It's not to the point of wantonly plundering and killing second-rank Gu masters, but the purpose of Jue Yue's hunting and killing Gu masters is to harvest the blood fire alive. Jue Yue can crush a first-rank Gu master, but he can't make a second-rank Gu master invincible, when he makes a move against a second-rank Gu master, it almost means that he is invincible." .

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Su Ran was familiar with this voice. ...

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Ziyi was stunned, and sighed softly: "Oh, Dudu is so naughty, I know why it wants me to buy a legendary Gu chrysalis, it probably wants to attract my attention, so I can sneak out to play..."

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That's perfect.

Su Ran also wanted to see how the energy in her body was.

Stab it!

Kui Ying is a woman.

Long Hengwu held his two sabers tightly, stood in front of him, and said coldly, "You know me?"

People scrambled to climb to the tall building, looking at the sky above the Gu courtyard.

If you want to go to a big city similar to Beiyuan City, you might as well stay in Beiyuan City.

The beautiful woman had no intention of fighting, and laughed loudly: "You guys should fight first."

Lei Wang didn't do anything, but the eight patriarchs concentrated on controlling Gu to clean up the attacking Wuyuan insects.

Most of the spirit Gu escaped. .

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Su Ran heard the voice and recognized the person, it was Yuan Batian's voice, and Yuan Batian was here. .

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