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"Shaoyan, if only we could be like this forever..." Jinghua murmured, then fell into a deep sleep in his arms. ... tax free interest bonds

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While waving his arms quickly, Chu Shaoyan whispered, "No problem."

During this process, the wound was very fragile and strenuous exercise was not allowed, so it took Chu Shaoyan a whole day to cross the nearly 130-kilometer snowfield, standing on a high ground and looking at the town of Tanakros at the bottom of the valley.

Zhu Luo stared at the rock man with great interest and asked, "Then why did he hardly say a word?"

"What's the matter, Cheng Yu, your child, your father bought this for her, and you still agreed?" Nan was too anxious.

Cheng Junzhi sneered: "Wang Hong, if you have something to say, who do you suspect?"

"Mr. Constantine, are you talking about that check?" Chu Shaoyan suddenly laughed, "Unfortunately, before we left Anchorage, we went to the bank with a friend to make a small transaction. That cashier's check has been transferred to an account."

There was a sneer at the corner of Chu Shaoyan's mouth, his figure suddenly paused, and then he pushed his fists together. These two fists seem to be slow and fast, but for a moment there is a faint wind and thunder, and for a moment there is a loud bang that completely covers up all the cheers and taunts. Even if those guys open their mouths, they can't even hear their own voices!

"Explore territory? I heard that he is throwing money everywhere in South America! None of this is fundamental. It is because that person is a hooligan and a bastard! Moreover, their family and the Taoist society have always been unclear. Dad, do you want your daughter to accompany you in the future?" Go to jail with those heinous guys?"


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