what happens when a loan defaults
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【what is the home loan process 】 A minister walked slowly into the palace, bowed his head and said: "Report to the Emperor, Beigong Qingshan died after Beigong led the fifth class, the reason is unknown." 。

Jiuyue Immortal Gu also kept up with Su Ran, and healed Su Ran with the Immortal Healing Song from Qisheng Song.

Another son said: "Oh, we have escaped a catastrophe this time, and I feel withdrawn. I will not fight for the position of Marquis of the Thousand Mountains. Two brothers, which one can get the position, I just hope to give it to you." I have a way out."

In the war between the lords, there is a customary thing called a declaration of war.

As soon as the Heishan Patriarch spoke, the rest of the mansion also responded: "Please Prince Hen immediately succeed Beigonghou!"

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Su Ran was indeed taken aback, can Zhongyu be saved?
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