2020 Online Store Important Information

Thank you for visiting our online store.  We would like to apologize in advance for any short comings or problems that may arise as we try to navigate the difficulties of online ordering for curbside.  Covid19 has caused a rush to get this working but has also made it difficult to work with professionals in person for development issues.  There are a few shortcomings that we are already aware of and we will discuss them below.  If you have any issues or suggestions for the store, please send us an email at contact@countrysidegreenhouse.com.


Product Availability

We are adding items to the online store daily.  As some options are added some others are being removed because inventory numbers drop below the point where we can keep them available both in store and online.  We will continue to build the online store and keep as much available there as we can.

Fall mums are being added now as colors become ready!



  • Delivery purchases made before 5:00 PM will be delivered the next business day
  • Delivery purchases made after 5:00 PM will be pulled the next business day and delivered the one after that
  • When your order has been pulled and placed into delivery holding you will receive a 'shipping' notification
  • If you would like to find out what time your delivery will arrive that following day, please call the day of delivery to our office (616) 895-5000
  • We cannot provide an estimated time of arrival before the day of as the trucks are all routed in the morning based upon what sales came in the day before
Curbside Pickup
  • When you select curbside pickup the online store will currently treat it as if this is a delivery in regards to the notifications you receive.  We are working on this but there are some limitations of what we are able to edit through the portal.  When you place the order we will begin pulling it right away (if placed before 5:00 PM) and you will receive a notification (text or email depending on what you select) that tells you that your order is fulfilled and "shipped".  When you receive this notification it means your order is ready for pickup.
  • We ask that you please pickup your orders within 24 hours (those placed on Saturday can be picked up Monday as we are not open on Sunday) of receiving this notification as there is a life to how long plant products can sit on a rack waiting for pickup.
  • When you come to pick up your order, please pull into the Western Loading Zone on the front of the building.  There are several spots marked for curbside pickup.
  • When you have reached your parking spot, please call the phone number on the sign in your parking spot with your order number and we will run your racks out to your vehicle.

Payment Methods

  • At this time the online store cannot accept our gift cards for payment.  The online portal we had to use to get this together in time does not work with our internal gift card storage system.  We are working on a work around for this.

Please be patient with us as we operate through these new procedures.  We are trying hard and are very sorry for any and all shortcomings.  We will continue to add products to the store as able and will continue to make improvements so that these systems become as streamlined as everything else at the greenhouse.


Thank you for everything!