Summer Sale!


Inventories will be evaluated each day and new items will be added as the week goes on!

4" Potted Herbs

Just $2.00!


10" Wave Petunia Hanging Baskets

Just $4.99 Each!


8" Zonal Geranium Patio Pots

Just $5.00 Each!

1-Gallon Blue Mohawk Juncus

Just $5.00 Each!

10" Impatien / Spike Patio Pots

Just $7.00 Each!

4" Potted Vegetatbles

(Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, squash, cabbage, broccoli, and more!)

Now Just $1.50 Each!

12" Boston Fern Hanging Baskets

Now Just $10.00 Each!


3-Gallon Knock Out Roses

Just $19.99 Each!


4" Potted Hens and Chicks

Just $1.50 Each!


5" Zonal Geraniums

Just $2.50 Each!


5" New Guinea Impatiens

Just $2.50 Each!


1 Gallon Daylilies

Just $6.99 Each!


1 Gallon Hostas
(excludes Proven Winner varieties)

Just $5.99 Each!


36lb Milorganite

Just $8.50 Each!