Two complete acres dedicated to outdoor nursery products!

Countryside Greenhouse offers the absolute best when it comes to landscaping and beautifying your yard.   

Our outdoor nursery selection includes a wide variety of the following types of trees:
Fruit Trees, Shade Trees, Flowering Ornamental Trees, Japanese Maples, and several specialty grafted trees.

It also includes a huge selection of Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Hydrangeas, Spirea, Roses, Weigela, and a lot of the more unusual Flowering Shrubs.

greenhouse plants in a pot
Japanese Maple trees in pots

Japanese Maples:

 Our selection of Japanese Maples includes a wide variety of sizes from  as small as the 1 gallon container to as large as a specially crafted 24"    cedar box.  It also includes several different varieties of weeping    Japanese Maple to ensure that you can find one that will fit your  space perfectly.

 These commonly chosen trees have become a staple of our Nursery  Department.


We have a broad selection of evergreens ranging in sizes from as little as a one gallon container to as large as 8 - 10 ft tall specimens.  Evergreens are an important part of landscape design in our Northern climate.  Proper use of evergreens mixed into the landscape design ensure an attractive look throughout all seasons of our Michigan weather.

Evergreen trees in pots
Hydrandeas in a greenhouse


With dozens of new varieties seemingly introduced each year Countryside works hard to ensure that they stay up to date on the latest and the greatest when it comes to Hydrangeas.  

Our offerings include staples such as the Original Endless Summer (pictured here) as well as many of the new novelty styles.  

In addition to the Macrophylla styles we carry a complete line up of Paniculata Hydranegas.



And a whole lot more...

Come on in and let Countryside point you in the right direction for sprucing up your landscape with our beautiful outdoor Nursery selections.
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