Countryside Greenhouse Has Gone Cash Free!


Upon opening for the 2018 season Countryside Greenhouse will no longer be accepting Cash and Checks as forms of payment.  Only Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Gift Cards will be accepted in the check out lanes.

This change has primarily been made with the safety and security of our staff in mind.  It also will improve the speed and efficiency of our check outs, as well as ensure easier returns and credits.  

Aside from these immediately noticed benefits it will also allow Countryside Greenhouse to free up very valuable team members from the duty of processing cash and checks so that they can focus on growing high quality plants and servicing our customers during their shopping experience.

We understand that this change may negatively effect a small percentage of our customer base and we truly appologize for any inconvenience caused.  It is not our desire to alienate anyone but we feel this change is important to ensure the best overall experience and to protect our staff from potential problems.

The Countryside Greenhouse family thanks you for your understanding and looks forward to enjoying another great planting season with all of our customers!