Countryside Greenhouse grows and sells a wide variety of perennial plants.  Due to the difference in seasons of color on many of these items, they are not all displayed at the same time.  Varieties available will change as we progress through the season, and it is always best to contact us to check on specific inventories.

The broadest consistent selection will be available in our Quart Perennial Program.  A good indicator of what is available in this line throughout the season is displayed below by following the link.

Other areas highlighted below are part of our Countryside Greenhouse Gallon Spring Perennial Program.  These items are many of the most popular perennial plants for this area.  Selected for their early season attraction, as well as their consistent performance.

Other varieties will be available throughout the season, in addition to those listed here.  If you are looking for something you do not find on these pages, please feel free to contact us.  It may be that we are already carrying it on a very seasonal basis and can help you with it right away.  If not, it may be that we can get them in stock quickly and still service your needs.  Otherwise, it at least helps us in determining what items we need to add to our lines for the future.
  • Clematis

    Cascading colorful blooms cover walls and fences or winding their way up trellises, pillars, mailboxes, and lampposts. Long-blooming varieties dazzle year after year, providing a wealth of brillian...

  • Daylilies

    Countryside Greenhouse offers a lot of different varieties in the daylily category throughout the season.  Below are the varieties that we are growing for our 2015 Gallon Daylily Program.  These va...

  • Grasses

    Countryside Greenhouse grows more than 15 varieties of ornamental grass.  In addition tot his already broad selection other varieties are brought in from other farms throughout the season.  Not all...

  • Hostas

    Countryside Greenhoues offers a huge variety of Hostas throughout the year.  Each year we grow different varieties within our own facility, and on top of them, bring in varieties from other farms. ...

  • Quart Perennials

    Countryside Greenhouse offers a wide variety of perennial basics in our Quart Perennial Program.  The plants listed in this section are the basic items that we carry throughout the year, but do not...

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