Tomato: Tumbling Tom Red

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Tumbling Tom Red

Facts and Care

  • Series:
    Tumbling Tom Red
  • Botanical Name:
    Lycopersicon 'Tumbling Tom Red'
  • Colors Available:
  • Watering Needs:
    Average Water Needs – Keep Evenly Moist, Not Soggy
  • Sunlight Needs:
    Full Sun
  • Zone Hardy:
    Not Hardy - Grow As An Annual


Days To Harvest Guide: 75 days
Fruit Size: 1 - 2 inches
Determinate - Staking Not Required
A Countryside Greenhouse Favorite

This cascading tomato is perfect for growing in hanging baskets or upside down tomato planters.  The small, great tasting, fruit is produced in abundance on strong stems that are able to support the hanging weight of the 1 - 2 inch sized fruit.  

If planted in the garden 24 - 36 inches should be left between plants.  It will not be necessary to stake or cage this trailing variety.  

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