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Small Pots
   Ageratum: Floss Flower
   Alocasia: Calidora
   Alternathera - Annual - Foliage Plant
   Angelonia: Angel Mist
   Annual Ivy: Hedera
   Argyranthemum: Madeira
   Argyranthemum: Yellow
   Asparagus Fern
   Bacopa: Abunda
   Bacopa: Britney
   Begonia: Angel Wing
   Begonia: Bonfire
   Begonia: Dragon Wing
   Begonia: Nonstop
   Begonia: Rex
   Black-Eyed Susan Vine: Susie
   Bridal Veil
   Calibrachoa: Cabaret
   Candlestick Vine
   Canna: Tropical
   Castor Bean
   Celosia: Castle Series
   Cleome: Spirit
   Coleus: Wizard
   Cordyline: Red Sensation
   Corkscrew Rush: Twisted Arrows
   Cosmos: Sonata Series
   Creeping Jenny
   Dahlia: Figaro Series
   Dahlia: Dahlietta
   Datura: Ballerina
   Dianthus: Super Parfait Series
   Dichondra: Silver Falls
   Dipladenia: Rio
   Dusty Miller: Silver Dust
   Dwarf Papyrus
   Elephant Ear: Black Magic
   Elephant Ear: Elena
   Euphorbia: Silver Fog
   Fiber Optic Grass
   Firecracker Vine
   Flowering Cabbage
   Flowering Kale
   Four O'Clocks
   Fuchsia: Dark Eyes
   Fuchsia: Gartenmeister
   Fuchsia: Swingtime
   Gazania: Kiss Series
   Geranium: Seed
   Geranium: Zonal
   Gerbera Daisy: Royal
   Golden Deadnettle
   Gomphrena: Gnome Mix
   Helichrysum: Icicles
   Houseplant: Assortment
   Hyacinth Bean
   Ivy Geranium: Colorcade
   Lantana: Bandana
   Lisianthus: Florida
   Lisianthus: Forever
   Lobelia: Riviera
   Marigold: Boy
   Marigold: Disco
   Marigold: Discovery
   Mexican Flame Vine
   Mexican Heather
   Mexican Sunflower
   Millet Grass: Purple Majesty
   Mimulus: Monkey Flower
   Moon Vine
   Morning Glory: Flying Saucer
   Morning Glory: Heavenly Blue
   Morning Glory: Scarlett O'Hara
   Mosquito Plant
   Moss Rose - Portulaca
   Nemesia: Angel Art
   Nemesia: Nesia
   New Guinea Impatien
   New Guinea Impatien Divine
   Osteospermum: Flower Power
   Pansy: Matrix Series
   Passion Vine
   Pentas: New Look
   Persian Shield
   Petite Licorice
   Petunia : Phantom
   Petunia: Black Velvet
   Petunia: Pinstripe
   Petunia: Wave
   Petunia: Cascadias
   Petunia: Double Wave
   Petunia: Littletunia
   Petunia: Potunia
   Purple Fountain Grass
   Purple Heart
   Ranunculus: hybrid
   Salvia: Victoria
   Salvia: Vista
   Salvia: Black & Blue
   Scaevola: Bombay
   Snail Vine
   Snapdragon: Montego
   Spider Plant: Variegated
   Strawflower: D'Oro
   Strawflower: Mohave Fire
   Sun Coleus
   Sweet Pea: Explorer Mix
   Sweet Potato Vine
   Torenia: Blue
   Tropical Hibiscus: Breeze
   Tropical Hibiscus: Brilliant
   Tropical Hibiscus: Wind
   Umbrella Sedge
   Verbena: Lanai
   Vinca Vine
   Vinca: Heat Elite Extreme
   Viola: Sorbet XP
   Wandering Jew
   Wax Begonia
Water Plants


Facts and Care

  • Botanical Name:
  • Colors Available:
  • Watering Needs:
    Above Average Water Needs – Keep Consistently Moist
  • Sunlight Needs:
    Partial Shade to Full Shade
  • Zone Hardy:
    Not hardy; grow as an annual
  • Flowering Time:
    Foliage Plant


Caladium is grown for its beautiful foliage.  It has large leaves with multiple patterns and mixtures of colors.  Great for containers or to provide some life in the garden with impatiens, ferns and hostas.  It can also be be grown indoors as a house plant and wintered over.  Grows to 24" tall and should be spaced 18 - 24" apart when planting.

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